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Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science)

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About Us

For the last many decades, statisticians and computer engineering professionals have been helping industries to improve their business performance. Researches in both these areas were developing new methodologies to improve their respective domains. Data Science is a field which combines the advancements in Analytics and Computer Science to bring insights to decision makers by analyzing vast amounts of data at very high speeds.

Glassdoor, a leading internet company on job trends, named Data Scientist as one of the most desired jobs globally with a median salary of $120,000, followed by DevOps Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer and Data Engineer, for the year 2022. Considering the growing interest and opportunities in this field, Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering has introduced a new branch of engineering named as "Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science)” from the academic year 2020-2021.

As a part of its commitment to bringing the latest in engineering education to the masses, DJSCE in 2020 had introduced an AICTE approved, 4-year undergraduate course with modern amenities and infrastructure, state of the art curriculum with experienced and dedicated faculty. The institute will continue to strengthen this branch through active industry – academia association throughout the course duration of four years.

Key Points

4 Years
Year of establishment
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science)

Why Choose Us?

  • Earning a B. Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science) provides dual opportunities to the students as they will learn the basics of Computer Science with in-depth knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Data Engineering, Data Visualisation and Data Analysis.
  • With the help of laboratories and project work students get hands on exposure of various domain such as Healthcare, Banking and Finance, e-commerce, Space, Agriculture, Logistics and Supply chain, Weather and many more. Knowledge of these domain at an early age prepare industry ready engineers which increases employability in different industries.
  • Getting a degree in a specialised branch of Computer Science will provide better Higher Study options in India as well as abroad.
  • Learning advance coursed in Data Science in early semesters help students to do quality research work.


Second Year

Semester III Semester IV
Mathematics for Intelligent Systems Statistics for Data Science
System Fundamentals Machine Learning - I
Data Structures
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Database Management System
Computer Communication and Networks
Python Programming Foundation of Data Engineering Laboratory
Web Engineering Laboratory
Universal Human Values
Innovative Product Development- I (Audit) Innovative Product Development II (Audit)
Constitution of India (Audit) Environmental Studies (Audit)

Third Year

Semester V Semester VI
Machine Learning-II (Deep Learning) Machine Learning-III
Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Processing
Information security Image Processing and Computer Vision-I
Programming Language Principles Laboratory
Big Data Engineering Laboratory
Distributed computing (Dept. Elective) Cloud Computing (Dept. Elective)
Time Series Analysis (Dept. Elective) Recommender System (Dept. Elective)
Digital System Design (Dept. Elective) Embedded System & RTOS (Dept. Elective)
Probabilistic Graph Models (Dept. Elective) Cognitive Neuroscience (Dept. Elective)
Professional and Business Communication Laboratory (Credit) Innovative Product Development-IV (Credit)
Innovative Product Development-III (Credit)

Final Year

Semester VII Semester VIII
Machine Learning – IV
Data Ethics
Image Processing and Computer Vision – II
High Performance Computing
Applied Data Science Laboratory
Quantum Computing (Dept. Elective)
Parallel Computing (Dept. Elective) Geo-Spatial Data Science (Dept. Elective)
Advanced Natural Language Processing (Dept. Elective)
Advanced Networking Technology (Dept. Elective)
IoT Network Enterprise (Dept. Elective)
Social Network Analysis (Dept. Elective)
Adversarial Machine Learning (Dept. Elective)
Institute Level Optional Courses- II
Institute Level Optional Courses- I
Project Stage- II
Project Stage- I

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Scheme and Syllabus of Minors Degree Program