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The college has a full-fledged placement cell in order to help students choose an appropriate career and improve their interpersonal skills. The Placement cell consists of faculty members and students, who work towards providing soft skill training, internships and final placements. College has a dedicated team which works throughout the year to provide better placement to all the students in their area of interest.

Roles and Responsibility of Placement Cell

  • Registration Process: Registration of eligible and interested candidates 30 minutes before Pre-Placement talk shall be done by student coordinators. To display welcome poster for the company visiting our campus: this includes name of the company, their team members, name of the program and venue.
  • Allocation of Rooms: Arranging classrooms for aptitude test, group discussion and interview process.
  • Hospitality: Arrangement of breakfast, lunch and snacks for the recruiters.
  • Updating Records: Staff Co-coordinators will update their departmental records, prepare analysis and collect proofs from students.
  • Placement cell constantly works towards inviting more reputed companies for campus placement.
  • Find ways and means to improve Industry –Institute Interactions.

Members of Placement Cell

Dr. Rajendra Khavekar
Training & Placement Officer
Phone: (+91) 9892168524 / 8850324889

Ms. Nishi Parikh
Training & Placement Executive
Phone: (+91) 8817348178

Departmental Coordinators (Faculty)

  • Dr. Aarti Ambekar
  • Prof. Tushar Sawant
  • Prof. Harshal Dalvi
  • Prof. Monali Sankhe
  • Prof. Ruhina Karani
  • Prof. Pranit Bari
  • Prof. Chinmay Raut
  • Prof. Rohit Chaurasia
  • Prof. Ranjit Patil
  • Prof. Pooja Vartak
  • Prof. Komal Patil
  • Prof. Nikita Raichada
  • Prof. Swapnil Gharat

Click here to view details of Departmental Co-ordinators (Students).

Summary of training program carried out during A.Y.: 2018-19

Sr. No. Date /Period of the event Name of the program Faculty
1 18-Jul Pre-Placement Training (09 hrs.) Soft skill training executives-SVKM
2 27-07-2018 Artificial Intelligence with IBM Watson Mr.Atul Gadre-TCS
3 24-08-2018 How to do good Industrial Research? Mr. Sanjay Kimbahune-TCS
4 29-09-2018 Industry trends in Machine Learning & AI Mr.Mustafa-TCS
5 21-01-2019 Basics of R-Programming Ms.Jeni Jain-TCS
6 12-02-2019 Block Chain and Lateral Thinking Mr.Gaurav and Ms.Priyanka-TCS
7 26-02-2019 Campus beat programme ZS Associates Executives
8 12-03-2019 Women in Technology Mr.Sathvik Shetty-Morgan Stanley
9 02-04-2019 Big Data Executives from Edelweiss

Summary of training program carried out during A.Y.: 2017-18

Sr. No. Date /Period of the event Name of the program Faculty
1 Jul-17 Pre-placement sessions Dr. Pooja-SVKM
2 27-07-2017 Mobility (Android iOS) Mr.Pramod Mohandas - TCS
3 28-07-2017 Cyber Security, Risk and Compliance, Cyber Resilience, Digital Security, Information Security Management   Mr.Satish Kulkarni - TCS
4 04-09-2017 Resume writing and Interviewing skills best practices and industry expectations from Engineering Graduates Mr.Gaurav Gandhi -TCS
5 04-09-2017 Advanced C language concepts on pointers, functions and recursions Ms. Priyanka -TCS
6 12-01-2018 R and Python Programming Mr.Hemant Rathore -TCS

Summary of training program carried out during A.Y.: 2016-17

Sr. No. Date /Period of the event Name of the program Faculty
1 16-Jul Value added Program (VAP) of 32 hours on C, C++, JAVA and data structure Executives from final desk
2 11-07-2016 to 15-07-2016 Pre-placement sessions Dr. Puja Sukhija - SVKM
3 27-07-2016 How to prepare for placement Mr. Sudhir Mishra - Infosys
4 08-03-2017 IOT Mr. Ashish Goradia - TCS
5 21-03-2017 PLM Ms. Shraddha - TCS
6 30-03-2017 Business Intelligence Mr. Mr.Mukesh Jain-NICE  Systems

Please find below the lists of few of the admits of our students (finalized so far) as part of higher studies only.