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Mechanical Engineering (UG)

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Academic Year 2022-23

Project Title:

  • 1.Research of Single Pedal Regenerative Drive
  • 2.Design and development of a multi-purpose VTOL device
  • 3.Radiant Cooling System & its scope and relevance in the Green Energy Sector
  • 4.Modelling of a Biomimetic Arm with the aim to provide prosthesis
  • 5.Design and Optimisation of Supermileage Vehicle
  • 6.Research and Development of Shock absorber
  • 7.Development and prediction of CVT parameters
  • 8.Evaluating statistical tolerance in automobile components using Monte Carlo simulation technique
  • 9.Design and Development of Fractal Vise
  • 10.Testing of various fluids for liquid cooled thermal system of an FSAE car
  • 11.Design and Analysis of Electronic Differential
  • 12.Design and Analysis of ASD Closure Device
  • 13.Design and Fabrication of Carbon Footprint Reducing Device
  • 14.Optimization of End Milling Parameters on Hybrid Composites using Response Surface Methodology
  • 15.Design and analysis of a ball-type valve
  • 16.Design and fabrication of crop plucking machine
  • 17.Design and fabrication of a multipurpose prototype for an all terrain vehicle
  • 18.Design and Fabrication of a Mechanical Ventilator
  • 19.Design and Analysis of Air Purifier
  • 20.Design of a gearless transmission using a data driven approach
  • 21.Design of Real-Time Product Defect Detection System
  • 22.Using Machine Learning
  • 23.Mechanical Battery using Flywheel
  • 24.360 Degree Fire Protection System
  • 25.Design and Development of Electromagnetic Induction Braking System
  • 26.Design & Development of a Quadcopter
  • 27.Study of Material Science using Machine Learning
  • 28.Flow characteristics analysis of ramjet engine air intake using CFD
  • 29.Numerical analysis on optimization of heat sink
  • 30.Thermo-hydraulic performance analysis of an artificially roughened solar air heater
  • 31.Plastic Shredder Machine
  • 32.Research of a computer vision and control system for manipulation
  • 33.Design and Development of an Autonomous Robot for Cleaning Oceans
  • 34.Design analysis and development of Chassis and Suspension system of Electric two wheeler
  • 35.Design of planar motor system using magnetic levitation.
  • 36.Supplier Selection Criteria in Supply Chain Management
  • 37.Design and Fabrication of Fully Automated Solar Grass Cutter

Academic Year 2021-22

Project Title:

  1. Design and fabrication of a single stage rocket
  2. Design, Optimization and fabrication of Kinetic energy recovery system in a bicycle
  3. Design and Analysis of Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle for Structural Inspection
  4. Design and Analysis of a Ventilator
  5. Design and Development of a novel pipeline inspection robot
  6. Manufacturing of electric superbike
  7. Design and Analysis of a Chainless Bicycle
  8. Reduction in repair time of Air Compressor using Six Sigma methodology
  9. Manufacturing an industrial Cannister Satellite for local weather data collection
  10. Design and Development of Autonomous Farming Robot
  11. Fabrication of Thermoacoustic Refrigeration
  12. Design and Analysis of Vertical Farming System
  13. Design of Solar Refrigeration System
  14. Developing algorithm on MATLAB for tire selection
  15. Design and Assembly of Food 3D Printer
  16. Analysis & Manufacturing of Super mileage Vehicle
  17. Design and Manufacturing of Super mileage Vehicle
  18. Design and Analysis of Duct for small scale wind Turbine
  19. Designing and Manufacturing a Semi Autonomous Firetruck
  20. Design of an Electric Vehicle with Integrated Wind Turbine for Power Regeneration
  21. Design and Manufacturing of Single Stage Open Differential
  22. Design and Fabrication of Automated Wheelchair
  23. Electronic CVT
  24. Design and Fabrication of All Electric Mini Injection Moulding Machine (Automated)
  25. Design and analysis of the HVAC system for an IT company with integration of Industry 4.0 principles.
  26. Design Optimization and Prototyping of an Autonomous Hybrid VTOL aircraft with precision Landing for endurance based Aerial Surveillance
  27. Design and prototyping of automated warehouse storage lift.
  28. Manufacturing and Prototyping of food 3D printer
  29. Design and Fabrication of Test stand for Thrust measuring
  30. Manufacturing of Electric Bike
  31. Designing and Developing hydrodynamically optimal Ducted Propeller for Marine applications
  32. Design and Prototyping of Trekking Smart Bag
  33. Simulation of trombe wall with solar radiation
  34. Energy Recovery from Waste Heat of The Engine Using Thermoelectric Generator
  35. Design, prototyping and manufacture of a STEM toy aimed at introducing automation to children
  36. Design and Fabrication of Exo-skeleton

Academic Year 2020-21

Project Title:

  1. Design of Electric Sports bike
  2. Fabrication of electric superbike
  3. Prototyping of an Anti-riot drone with tear gas
  4. Automated Inventory Control System
  5. Design of Battery Modules for E-mobility and Energy Storage Solutions
  6. Design and Fabrication of Aerodynamically Optimised Composite Controlled A-arms & Rims
  7. Design and fabrication of automatic spray painting machine
  8. Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Vertical Axis Windmill
  9. Design & Analysis of bell parabolic de Laval rocket nozzle
  10. Design and Fabrication of Acoustic Fire Extinguisher
  11. Prototyping of waste segregation system from water
  12. Design and fabrication of Hybrid Solar-Wind Renewable Energy Generator
  13. 3D Printing For Medical Implants
  14. Electrified roads for charging EVs
  15. Improvement in machining efficiency of CFRP composite component during milling operation
  16. Design and Fabrication of an Electric Two-Wheel Scooter with inbuilt Energy Harvesting System
  17. Design, fabrication and analysis of Engine Mounts
  18. Data analysis of local water bodies using realtime sensing along with design and fabrication of carrier
  19. Measurement of Internal Cylindricityusing Machine vision
  20. Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Thermoacoustic refrigerator
  21. Design and Fabrication of subsonic Wind Tunnel
  22. Design and Applications of Warehouse Management Drone
  23. Design of Vortex Turbine to generate electricity
  24. Designing of Autonomous Assistant Robot
  25. Analysis of maneuvering systems used in autonomous cars
  26. Design and Analysis of Quad Bike
  27. Prototyping a Peltier integrated cooling/heating jacket
  28. Design and Shape Optimization of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Highways
  29. Prototyping an autonomous Robot Trolley
  30. Design and Manufacturing of an Electric Bicycle
  31. Design and Development of an Air Purifier
  32. Python applied to Conduction in heat transfer
  33. Python applied to Convection in Heat Transfer
  34. Design and Fabrication of a Mars Rover
  35. Prototype CNC with 3-D Printer
  36. Renewable Energy type and applications
  37. Design & Fabrication of a IoT based 3 Axis Precision Farming Bot[Smart Agricultural System]

Academic Year 2019-20

Project Title:

  1. Prototyping of a mechanical kinetic energy recovery system
  2. Design and fabrication of power accumulation mechanism using renewable tidal energy
  3. Design and fabrication of an Auto-umbrella
  4. Cooling enhancement of an electric bike BLDC motor by the implementation of a cooling system.
  5. Design and fabrication of a solar poweredelectric beach cleaner
  6. Design and prototyping of multi-purpose shopfloor vice
  7. NDT of pipes and frame using robotics
  8. Designing and Fabrication of Shockpots for Road Quality Analysis
  9. Effect of tool geometry on machinability of Inconel 825
  10. Power generation using Piezo-electric crystals and gear transmission
  11. Design and fabrication of a modified beach cleaning machine
  12. Moving Vehicle Wind Energy conversion using Vertical Wind Turbine
  13. Design and manufacturing of a paper bag making machine
  14. Design and fabrication of jig for tube notching on lathe machine
  15. Design and fabrication of recycling machine for plastic waste
  16. Design and fabrication of disc braking system with Dual piston floating caliper
  17. Design and fabrication of a structural balancing system using Gyroscope.
  18. Design and fabrication of Exo-skeleton
  19. Design and Optimisation of an Accumulator Container for an Electric Vehicle
  20. Design and fabrication of a thermo-electric refrigerator
  21. Design of low cost refrigeration system using LPG
  22. Design and manufacturing of 3D printer prototype
  23. Design of autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV)
  24. Fabrication of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle [AUV]
  25. Prototyping of electromagnetic suspension
  26. Design And Optimization of Disc Brake Rotor
  27. Fabrication of hand operated seed (wheat) drill
  28. Design and fabrication of a compliant mechanism
  29. Design, analysis and fabrication of Kangaroo boots with GPS tracking
  30. Conversion of a conventional 150cc two wheeler into e bike
  31. Prototyping of a Sky Saver
  32. Recycling of a 4 wheeler vehicle
  33. Recycling of two wheeler
  34. Investigation on Tire Derived Oil and Testing on CI Engine
  35. Design and fabrication of additive manufacturing with laser engraving machine
  36. Application of Rocker Bogie mechanism