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Alumni Testimonials
  • “The support provided by the college for participation in extra curricular activities, conducting value added courses etc helped us a lot. Very few educators realize the importance of these things.”- Mr. Utkarsh Andharikar, Mechanical Engineering Student, Batch of 2015
  • “I, Anurag Deherkar, was admitted to Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi college of Engineering in 2012, in its 2nd batch of mechanical engineering. I received immense support and encouragement from the faculty in difficult subjects such as mechanics, fluid mechanics, IC engines and thermal and fluid power engineering. There was thorough guidance in every initiative be it projects, research or lab work. Most notably, the environment created by the college from both the faculty and the students was conducive to my all round development. 

    Beyond the coursework, I was exposed to extensive co curricullar activities like college festivals, and most importantly to the competitive race car teams. At DJS Racing, the college’s formula student team, I witnessed an incredible transformation from a studious boy to an accomplished engineer. The teams taught us how Engineering was actually used in a practical setting and supplemented the Engineering degree. These competitive teams was a platform to acquire skills that have extensively helped me in my career. For instance, I studied and used fundamentals of finance, economics and operations in preparing a business plan for the competition. And these multidisciplinary subjects have helped me immensely in my career as a sustainability engineer. 

    The balance of academic and co-curricular opportunities given by the university have been instrumental in moulding me into an all round engineer. Thus to conclude this feedback, I would regard DJ Sanghvi very highly.” - Mr. Anurag Deherkar, Mechanical Engineering Student, 
  • " I am Kushal Vyas , and am a passout of Computer Engineering Batch of 2017. My experiences at DJSCE has helped me shape my interests in both research and development. The college provides all-round development in academia, leadership, and extra-curricular. There is a vast and an in-depth learning experiences helping one to develop analytical, conceptual and practical knowledge of the subjects. Such environment is preparing students for industry as well as graduate education. The college has lots of opportunities for students to expand not only their technical acumen, but more importantly, develop approaches for problem solving, and analysis, which aids in career growth.” – Mr. Kushal Vyas, Computer Engineering Student, batch of 2017
  • “I am a 2015 computers passout. My experience in college had been amazing. It was very positive and motivating in everyway- there are opportunities for research, projects, jobs, internship and committees. It provided us enough knowledge and experience to excel in the field of choice. These experiences helped me in a lot of ways, improving my communication skills, technical skills and management skills all of which are essential for a good career. Overall, I believe that DJ computers presents a very conducive environment for an enriching experience.”- Mr. Sunny Patel, Computer Engineering Student, batch of 2015
  • "My four years pursuing Production Engineering at DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering would count as one of the most memorable and full-filling  years. I could take part in both the rigorous academic learning imparted by  some extremely good professors while at the same time developing my overall personality by being socially active in various events, festivals and field trips. While I subsequently pursued a career in finance, my experience at DJ Sanghvi left an indelible mark on my entire personality and identity which comes through in a lot of things I do today. I remain thankful to the college for helping me secure an internship with the esteemed L&T and later help me get placed with the world’s leading investment bank, JP Morgan."- Mr. Rohit Kadam, Production Engineering Department, Batch of 2008
  • "DJ Sanghvi Computers department has been pivotal in the progress of my career both, during and after the degree completion. We had good teachers who knew their subjects thoroughly which in turn helped us learn better. Apart from that, we were always encouraged to do something new which helped maintain our level of interest in the subjects and also showed us where our passions lay. I can assertively say that my education in 4 years here helped me during my Masters degree and also for securing a job which I like doing. In hindsight, there is no better place where I would have rather pursued my undergraduate degree. "- Ms. Mansi Shah, Computer Engineering Department, Batch of 2015
  • "I found the comprehensive structure of the Production Engineering course to be extremely useful, both in my professional career after college and in future studies. I was picked up by L&T during campus placement and spent 4 years in Project Management. The exposure to various technical fields like machining, tool design, hydraulics, management techniques like PERT, etc. and even accounting and HR laid a strong foundation for on-the-job learning.
    I am currently pursuing an MBA and still find the learning from college years very applicable, especially extra-curricular activities and student collaboration. I cherish the years I spent at DJ, and they played an important part in shaping who I am today."- Mr. Sajal Kumar, Department of Production Engineering