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The Library of Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering is named officially as “Manubhai P. Sanghvi Knowledge Centre”. This fully air-conditioned and well-furnished Library is situated on the first floor of the college building. The total library area is of more than 7500 sq. ft. It is facilitated with reprography & also a 24 hours Wi-Fi network connection. Library is open for more than 10 hrs. (8.15 am. to 6.30 pm.) on all working days and 12 hours during exams.

The fully computerized Library is a treasure house of knowledge comprising an ever growing collection of about 43,865 books and more than 1,14,000 e-books with 7 e-journals covering all aspects of Mechanical, Production, Chemical, Electronics, Electronics and Telecommunications, Information Technology, Computer & Biomedical Engineering. The periodical section is a vital source for academic research and up-to-date information in the field of Engineering. Library holds 97 printed journals (national & international). Besides this, the library has collection of bound volumes of journals, audio visual material, newspapers, Black books of dissertations, project CD’s, etc.

The web based access of the e-journals to all students and faculty is an important facility provided by the library. Library users can access a variety of full text journals covering variety of titles published by worldwide journals publishers. Library subscribes seven e-journals every year for the students and faculties. The library arranges regular awareness programs on use of electronic resources. The entire Library collections of all SVKM & other institutions of SVKM including books, journals, etc. can be searched through the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). Users can access the OPAC to find out the real-time availability of all library materials from their own computer terminals as well as from home.

Library has a well-equipped Seminar Hall with Webinar and conferencing facility. The library has transformed, from a traditional library with manual transactions to an Electronic library and now is moving into being a Digital Library. As a first step, library has scanned all the question papers and the access has been given to the students through Blackboard.

Newly created Digital Library with DSPACE open source software is an important resource for all the students and faculty members of the college as it is a service model for open access and digital archiving for perennial access. Moreover, it provides a platform to frame an Institutional Repository and the collections can be searched and retrieved through the Web. Library has an institutional membership of ASM International, USA, where the user community can use the resources available with a host of other institutions. 

Vision :

The Manubhai P. Sanghvi Knowledge Centre of D.J. Sanghvi College of Engineering Seeks to be not just a repository and resource centre catering to the needs of the Engineering students and faculty but to become a treasure trove of knowledge. It seeks to take it users beyond the aim of mere academic achievements and into a realm of practical knowledge. It also aims to make available learning resources to inculcate in its users a sense of moral and social responsibility besides technical knowledge.


Mission :

The mission of our college library is to acquire, organize, preserve, and disseminate knowledge in order to support the research needs of students and faculty members. The library builds and maintains extensive, carefully-selected, and well-organized collections that are essential for the success of the curriculum. It provides wide and effective access to networked scholarly resources and works in cooperation with faculty to develop student’s competence in using the Library and other information sources to their advantage.

List Of International Journals
Sr. no Title of the Periodical Publisher Branch
1 International Journal of Computer Engg. & Software Technology International Science Press Computer 
2 Journal of Software Engineering And Technology International Science Press Computer 
3 International Journal of Systems, Controll and Information Communication  Global Research Publications EXTC
4 International Journal of Advance VLSI Design. Research Science Press EXTC
5 International Journal of Information Technology and Management Information System  IAEME IT
6 International Journal of Mechanical Engineering  Research  Research India Publications Mechanical 
7 International Journal of Automated Identification Technology. Serials Publications Mechanical 
8 International Journal of Design and Manufacturing Technology IAEME Mechanical/ Production  
9 International Journal of Production Technology and Management Research International Science Press Production 
10 International Journal of Biomedical Signal Processing International Science Press Biomedical 
11 International Journal of Health Management & Information International Science Press Biomedical 
12 International Journal of Biotechnology & Bioengineering research Research India Publications Biomedical 
13 Chemical Engineering Education CEE Chemical 
14 International Journal of Waste Water treatment and Green Chemistry International Science Press Chemical 
15 International Journal of Chemical Engineering Research Research India Publications Chemical 
16 International Journal of Chemical Engineering Serials Publications Chemical 
17 International Journal of Computer Engineering International Science Press Computer 
18 International Journal of Networking & Computer Engineering Research India Publications Computer 
19 International Journal of Computing Graphics and Techniques Research India Publications Computer 
20 International Journal of Advances in Software Engineering Research Science Press Computer 
21 International Journal of Computer Science & System Ananlysis Serials Publications Computer 
22 International Journal Of Computing & Applications Serials Publications Computer 
23 International Journal of Advanced Computer Engineering Serials Publications Computer 
24 International Journal of Electronics & Communication Engineering International Research publication house Electronics 
25 International Journal Of Material Science and Electronics Research International Science Press Electronics 
26 International Journal of Nano System Technology, Electrical Engg. & Electronics System International Science Press Electronics 
27 International Journal of Electronics, Computing &  Engineering Education Internatonal Science Press Electronics 
28 International Journal Of Electronics Engineering Research Research India Publications Electronics 
29 International Journal of Electronics Engineering & Telecommunication Global Research Publications EXTC
30 ICTACT Journal on Image & Video Processing ICT Academy of Tamilnadu EXTC
31 ICTACT Journal on Soft Computing ICT Academy of Tamilnadu EXTC
32 International Journal of Electronics & Electrical Engineering International Research publication house EXTC
33 International Journal of Electronic Networks Devices and fields International Research publication house EXTC
34 International Journal of Photonics International Research publication house EXTC
35 International Journal of Microcircuits and Electronic International Research publication house EXTC
36 International Journal of Micro & Nano Electronics, Circuits & Systems International Science Press EXTC
37 International Journal of Wireless Communications & Networking International Science Press EXTC
38 International Journal of Computational Intelligence & Telecommunication Systems International Science Press EXTC
39 International Journal of Micro & Nano Systems. International Science Press EXTC
40 International Journal of Electronics, Electrical & Communication Engineering Research Science Press EXTC
41 International Journal of Network and Mobile Technologies International Science Press IT
42 International Journal of Data Analysis & Information Systems Research Science Press IT
43 International Journal of Image Processing and Applications International Science Press IT/Computer 
44 International Journal of Mechanical & Materials Technologies Global research Publications Mechanical 
45 International Journal of Advanced Mechatronics & Robotics International Science Press Mechanical 
46 International Journal of Dynamics of Fluids Research India Publications Mechanical 
47 International Journal of Manufacturing  System Global Research Publications Mechanical   / Production 
48 International Journal of Design Engineering & Technology Global Research Publications Mechanical   / Production 
49 International Journal of Advances in Thermal Sciences & Engineering International Science Press Mechanical   / Production 
50 International Journal Of Manufacturing  Science And Technology Serials Publications Mechanical   / Production 
51 International Journal of manufacturing Technology & Industrial Engineering. International Science Press Mechanical/ Production  
1 Advanced Materials & Process ASM International Production 


List of National Journals


Sr. no Title of the Periodical Publisher Branch
1 Journal Of the Indian Chemical Society Indian Chemical Society Chemical 
2 Indian Journal of Nuclear Medicine Medknow Publications & Media Biomedical
3 Indian Journal of Radiology & Imaging Medknow Publications & Media Biomedical
4 Journal of Cancer Research & Therapeutics Medknow Publications & Media Biomedical
5 Indian Journal of Chemical Technology NISCAIR Chemical 
6 Indian Journal of Neural Networks & Techniques GBS Publishers &  Distributors Computer 
7 Indian Journal in Computer Simulation GBS Publishers & Distributors Computer 
8 Indian Journal Of Business Information Systems GBS Publishers & Distributors Computer 
9 Indian Journal of Computer & Internet Security GBS Publishers & Distributors Computer 
10 Indian Journal of Computer Engineering & Networks GBS Publishers & Distributors Computer 
11 Indian Journal of Embedded & Microprocessor GBS Publishers & Distributors Computer 
12 Indian Journal of Information Sciences & Computer Application GBS Publishers & Distributors Computer 
13 Indian Journal of Information Security & Computer  GBS Publishers & Distributors Computer 
14 Indian Journal of Engineering and Materials Sciences NISCAIR Electronics / Physics
15 Embeded for You : A Journal on Embeded Technology (Digital Edition) Academy of Embedded Technology EXTC
16 IUP Journal of Telecommunications IUP Publication EXTC
17 Advanced Journal In Wireless And Mobile Communications Enrich Publications EXTC
18 Bulletin of Material Science Indian Academy of Sciences General
19 Sadhana : Engineering Science Indian Academy of Sciences General
20 Resonance : Journal of Science Education Indian Academy of Sciences General
21 Current Science Indian Academy of Sciences General - Applied Physics
22 Proceedings  Mathematical Science Indian Academy of Sciences General - Maths
23 IUP Journal of Information Technology IUP Publication IT
24 Indian Journal of Information Technology & Database Systems Serials Publications IT
25 Indian Journal of Advances in Robotics & Automation Academic Research Journals Mechanical 
26 Indian Journal of Automobile Engineering Research & Development Academic Research Journals Mechanical 
27 Indian Journal of Thermal & Fluid Engineering Academic Research Journals Mechanical 
28 Journal of Advanced Research in Applied Mechanics & Computational Fluid Dynamics Advanced Research Publications Mechanical 
29 Indian Journal of Mechanics & Thermodynamics GBS Publishers & Distributors Mechanical 
30 Indian Journal of Modern Production Engineering GBS Publishers & Distributors Mechanical 
31 Indian Journal of Engineering & Manufacturing Science Global research Publications Mechanical 
32 Indian Journal of Heat & Mass Transfer Global research Publications Mechanical 
33 Indian Journal of Nano Materials Global research Publications Mechanical 
34 Indian Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Systems Serials Publications Mechanical 
35 Indian Journal of Manufacturing Science & Engineering Serials Publications Mechanical 
36 Prabandhan : Indian Journal Of Management Associated Consultant management  Production
37 IUP Journal Of Soft Skills IUP Publication Production
38 IUP Journal of Supply Chain Management IUP Publication Production
39 Vikalp : The Journal of Decision Makers Sage Publications Production
40 Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research  NISCAIR Production / Mechanical  
1 Dawn to Earth Centre for Science & Environment General
2 Open Source for you EFY Interprises Electronics
3 Electronics for you Plus EFY Interprises Electronics
4 Digit    
5 Sports Star    
6 India Today    
7 Frontline    
8 Employment News    


  • Mr. Ramesh P. SutarMr. Ramesh P. SutarSr. Librarian
  • Mr. Ramesh P. SutarMr. Ramesh P. SutarSr. Librarian

Library Resources

Number of Books                                            - 44,648

Number of e-books                                         - 1,14,000

Number of Educational CD’s/DVD’s              - 1,675

Soft Copies of Students Projects                  - 805

Thesis and Dissertations                                - 48     

Bound Volumes of Journals                           - 809

Question Papers & Syllabus for                     - all Branches 


Journals & Magazines (Print)

National Journals                                             - 40

International Journals                                      - 51

Magazines                                                          - 9

Newspapers                                                       - 10


E-Journals – Subscribed for the Academic Year 2014-15, 2015-16 & 2016-17

(Web Access to all e-journals & Databases) 

1. IEL Growth Plan - IEL Growth plan for multiusers (Unlimited full- text    access to more than 415 journals & Magazines, 3500 Conferences, 982 Standards etc.)

2. ASME -                                                    27 journals + back files since 2000

3. McGraw Hill Access Engineering -     363 books & Handbooks

4. Springer -                                              149 journals, Electrical, Electronics & Computer  Eng,

5. ASCE -                                                     35 journals + back files since 1983

6. Science Direct -                                    275 journals + back files since 2000

7. J-Gate -                                                3525 Engineering & Technology journals

Institutional Memberships                       

  1. ASM International, USA.

  1.  National Digital Library


Other Resources with WEB Access

A.  Blackboard

B.   Gate Practice Software


D.   Library OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

E.   DSPACE Digital Library


Other Databases Available with WEB access provided by SVKM


1.Ebrary – 1,14,000 e-books

2.McGraw Hill Express India – 230 e-Books

3.Pearson – 361 e-Books

Electronics journal Databases –

1.JSTOR, 2.Proquest Central, 3.EBSCO Host, 4.Economic and Political Weekly, 5.DELNET

Research Databases -

1.CMIE Eco. Outlook, 2.CRISIL, 3.Euromonitor Passport, 4.EPWRF India Times Series, 5.Frost & Sullivan, 6.ISI Emerging Market.

Statistical DatabaseIndia Stats

DirectoryCabell Directory

Market DatabasesTVADINDX, WARC

Law DatabasesManupatra, Lexis Nexis, Hein Online, WestLaw.